Get Silky Smooth Legs: Hair Removal Methods You Can Try

Get Silky Smooth Legs: Hair Removal Methods You Can Try

Who doesn't love having perfectly silky-smooth legs? Every woman refrains from flaunting that little black dress with rough, prickly stubble or hairy legs. Thankfully, there are leg hair removal methods that can help you enjoy hair-free leg days for weeks to come, and also restrict the frequency of hair regrowth over time. Want to know all of them? Take a look below!


Method 1: Epilation

Epilators are designed to remove hair directly from the roots. This allows for longer-lasting smooth skin on the legs, along with any other area of the body you want to use it on.

Most epilators can be used when the hair is just 0.5mm long, meaning you won’t have to wait a long while for the hair to regrow between treatments. In contrast, waxing can only be performed when the hair is as long as 1.5mm.

How to use epilators for smoother legs

If you're epilating for the first time, then here is a quick how to epilate guide for you below:

  • As you start the process, begin with epilating inside of the lower leg, which is the least sensitive area. Use the gentle or low setting on your epilator for this. Avoid starting over the ankle or leg bones and save the most sensitive areas for later.

  • Notice the direction of hair growth on your legs and hold the epilator closer to your skin. Move the epilator in circular motion over your skin against the direction of hair growth for about 30 seconds to complete each area.

  • The epilator head will catch your leg hair and pull them out, but make sure you do not press too hard on your skin. You can try the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa that comes with SensoSmart Technology and indicates you to apply the right amount of pressure.

  • Go slow and be patient. If you miss out any hair in the first stroke, worry not. You can try to remove those hair in the second stroke. Once you get accustomed to the sensations of the epilator, you can try to switch to the medium or high speed setting as per your convenience

  • Once you're done with one patch of your leg, you can repeat the same process for the other areas of your legs.

  • Don't forget to apply aloe vera gel or moisturising lotion to soothe your skin after the epilation. Once the redness and swelling recede, you will have hair-free, silky-smooth skin for up to about four weeks of epilation.

Find the best epilator

Braun has a collection of epilators designed specifically to meet your needs, right from body to face epilation. The Braun Silk-epil 5-541 epilator comes with five extra attachments including a shaver head and a trimmer cap. Its anti-slip grip offers better control even in the showers to let you epilate in warm water and help you relax, making your experience even more comfortable. The micro-grip technology with 28 tiny tweezers removes hair efficiently from the root, while its high frequency massage system with pulsating vibrations helps soothe your skin during gentle epilation. It also comes with a skin contact cap for improved handling and adaptation to all body areas.

If you're looking for a complete spa package, then you can also check out the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa that comes with 12 extra attachments including three exfoliation brushes. With 40% wider head and 40 micro-grip tweezers, epilation is now faster and more efficient, where maximum and even the finest (up to 0.5 mm) hair can be captured in a go. Its pivoting head smoothly adapts to body contours for superior comfort and efficiency. This one too comes with a high frequency massage cap, skin contact and facial cap, a shaver head and a trimmer cap.

Braun has also launched world's first epilator Silk-epil 9 Flex with a fully flexible head to help you achieve hassle-free flawless, smooth legs. It comes with six attachments including deep body exfoliation brush. Its slim and ergonomic anti-slip grip handle makes epilating in the shower an easy task. Its micro-grip tweezer technology with 40% wider head remove even shortest of hair with ease – thus helping you get rid of hair even in the challenging sensitive areas like the bikini line. It comes with a pressure guide and SensoSmart technology just like the other Braun epilators mentioned above that helps notify about the right amount of pressure to be applied.

Tips for epilating legs

Epilation hurts less when you prepare well for the session and follow a proper aftercare routine. Here are some handy tips that you may want to consider:

  • Choose a good quality epilator that has different speed settings or at least one high and one low setting. This way, you can use the lower speed setting for slow epilation as you're getting used to the epilation while a higher setting for faster hair removal once you're completely pro at it.

  • Choose evenings or nights for epilation (once you're done with most of your day's work), as you will need at least an hour or more for the session while you've just started. This also allows your skin to heal overnight, minimising any redness and irritation so that you can wake up with a fresh and smooth skin the next morning.

  • Long hair can get struck in the epilator, causing pain. Hence, shave your legs a couple of days prior to epilating. Unlike waxing, epilators work best on finest hair and epilators like Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex are designed to capture even the smallest hair with precision.

  • Exfoliation is the key to make epilation a less painful session (although it hurts lesser than waxing). Moreover, exfoliating in the shower before and after a few days of epilation help prevent ingrown hair. Use a body scrub and a loofah or an exfoliation brush like the one you get with Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex. You can buff away the dead skin cells and get an irresistible radiance with this brush, which is six times effective than manually.

  • Choose whether you want to dry or wet epilate. If your epilator isn't waterproof, then you have no option but to dry epilate. However, waterproof epilators like Braun Silk-epil 5, Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex and Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa epilators come with an ergonomically anti-slip handle that make epilating in the shower a comfortable experience. Moreover, epilating on wet skin makes it hurt less and the warmth of the water helps sooth the sensations.

  • If you want to dry epilate, then make sure you pat your skin completely dry and dust some talcum powder over your skin before epilating.

  • Make sure to clean your epilator before every use. You can wash it under running water if it's waterproof. But if it isn't, then use a cleaning kit or simply dust off the hair and dead skin cells from the epilator head.

  • Since you've just begun your epilation journey, you may notice some hair growth in stages. So, it is best to epilate once every week. Once your hair growth slows down, you can switch to once every three weeks. You can also do a touch-up session in between your regular full-epilation session.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Method 2: IPL

IPL is a relatively new hair removal treatment for hair reduction that you would perform after shaving your legs. It works by focusing a spectrum of light onto small sections of the skin. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle underneath the skin surface, which heats the hair follicle and stunts hair regrowth.

It’s important to note that IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are different treatments. While laser uses a single, dense ray of light to remove hair, IPL provides a less-concentrated, scattered spectrum of light on the skin and hair. This means IPL is a gentler hair removal treatment option that may also be used to treat the appearance of broken capillaries on the legs.

How to use IPL

  • Remove all visible hair on the legs with your preferred hair removal method. Dry off your legs with a towel, checking all over to be sure there is no hair remaining on the surface of the skin!

  • Plug in your IPL device and attach the standard head, rather than the precision head. Test it out on your skin by placing the IPL nozzle in full contact with your legs to be sure it’s on and working correctly.

  • Use gliding mode for IPL on the legs by holding down the button and running along your skin - but if it’s your first time, you may want to use a gentle mode instead.

  • Wipe the nozzle clean after use. Treat once a week for 4 – 12 weeks to see results, then adjust to your needs (i.e. every 1 - 2 months).

Tips for using IPL at home

Before you consider IPL treatment at home, here are some tips that might help you:

  • Make sure you don't have any open wounds, cuts, enflamed areas, or cracks on the area of the skin you're planning to treat.

  • Do not exfoliate intensely and avoid any intensive exfoliation treatments before IPL, as it may increase the inflammation and risk of side effects post IPL hair removal.

  • Avoid getting tanned or using tanning booths, sunbeds, spray tans, and tanning creams, as some old-technology-based IPL devices may not work best on darker skin tones.

  • It is best to shave the area that you're planning to treat at least 12 to 24 hours before for better results.

  • Once you're done with the IPL treatment, avoid wearing skin-tight clothes that may irritate your skin more.

  • Also, avoid usage of products that can lead to skin irritation post IPL at least for 12 to 48 hours. These products can be perfumes, cleansers or exfoliators.

  • Do not take hot showers and also avoid hot saunas, steam rooms, and hot water baths after the treatment.

  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen with a good amount of SPF after IPL to protect your skin from sunrays.

Read more about how to IPL

Find the right IPL for you

Whether you’re looking for permanent leg hair removal, or a safe, effective IPL for fast results, Braun has a range of IPLs to suit your needs and budget.

Silk-expert Pro 5 PL5137

  • SensoAdapt technology and 10 intensity levels make the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 device the safest and most inclusive IPL hair removal machine for your skin tone. The safest, fastest, and most efficient IPL for visible hair reduction in just four weeks.

Silk-expert Pro 3 PL3132

  • Achieve permanent hair reduction in just three months with Braun Silk Expert Pro 3.

Shaving your legs

Method 3: Shaving legs

Shaving your legs involves running an angled blade along the skin surface to remove the hair. And if you've been wondering how to shave your legs in the right way, then here lies your answer! There are two best ways to shave your legs: wet shaving in the shower or bath, or dry shaving using an electric razor.

You won’t need to use any lubrication, like gel or cream to dry shave. The process is simple: you can just run a good quality electric shaver along the ankles and slowly making your way up the legs to remove hair. As with all leg hair removal, you’ll want to thoroughly moisturize the skin afterwards.

On the contrary, wet shaving is easy to do when you’re in the shower or bath. You can achieve a closer, smoother shave when shaving your legs wet with the Braun Silk Epil Lady Shaver. Use warm water and shaving cream or gel to lubricate your skin for a close shave and be careful around the ankles and knees – those areas on the legs are most prone to cuts and nicks!

Method 4: Waxing Legs

Leg waxing is a popular hair removal method that may use a number of products; from sugaring and strip-less hot wax performed in a salon, to the leg wax strips you might have seen in the supermarket.

While there are different treatments available, the process of leg waxing is pretty similar across the board. When the wax substance hardens onto the skin, you can pull it off, removing hair on the leg effectively – though not without pain!

Epilator vs Waxing: What to choose?

Epilation and waxing both offer long-lasting results, but waxing comes with excruciating and unbearable pain, especially when it comes to sensitive areas. On the contrary, epilators are less painful and the pain is manageable if you follow certain tips and tricks. Waxing may need a helping hand and you have to be a pro and if not, then salon is your only calling. This means, you have to go through the trouble of booking an appointment, waiting hours, and less chances of urgent services.

With epilators, you don't really need to be a pro and hence you can epilate comfortably at home all by yourself. If you're epilator is waterproof, then cherry on the cake – you can do it at your leisure time in the shower as well. Thus, no waiting hours and on-time service. Epilator would be your one-time investment that also brings along complimentary goodies like exfoliation brushes, shaver heads, massage caps, etc., giving you a whole package to pamper yourself and also take care of your timely skincare routine.

Method 5: Depilatory creams

Depilatory or ‘depilation’ creams are used to chemically dissolve hair from the base. Commonly accompanied by an unpleasant smell, hair removing creams aren’t for everyone – though they may be a good option if you want to avoid the razor bumps associated with shaving.

To use depilatory cream on your legs, simply apply the product evenly across the surface of the skin. Wait around 3 minutes for the cream to work its magic, then scrape the hair off using the included spatula. With most depilatory creams, you can enjoy up to four days of stubble-free legs after treatment.


Now that you're aware of different ways trough which you can get silky smooth legs, make sure you make a wise choice. Measure the pros and cons of every method and pick the best. Wish you hairless legs, already!


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