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There’s something magnetic about classic beards – suave, chic and timeless. The mutton chops beard is one such beard style. Worn extensively in the 1800s, it became a stylecraze and was made popular by musical icon Elvis Presley and more recently by Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. The mutton chops beard is so synonymous with the Wolverine that is also known as the Wolverine beard style.

What is a mutton chop beard?

Mutton chops as a style of beard originated several centuries ago and is also known as sideburns. This type of facial hair stretches down past your cheeks then into a mustache but misses the chin. Mutton chops beard showcases a classic look capable of holding attention and dominance in various areas. It is styled in a way that it immediately catches one’s eye. One of the perks of this look is that it has a sideburn styling, which you can leave as is or experiment with various other beard styles or moustaches.

Style experts suggest the mutton chops beard style is now making a comeback replete with the iconic mutton chops sideburns. If you are interested in growing one, then be aware that there are several techniques that will help flatter your face shape and features for any occasion. This is a classic beard style that works perfectly for modern men that would make you stand out in the crowd. So go ahead, follow our detailed guide and let the Wolverine out!

We’ll also cover the differences to note with friendly mutton chops and other variations on this style and give you the full guide to grooming this beard style with Braun’s trimming and shaving tools.

Step 1: Growing a full beard

The iconic mutton chops facial hairstyle gets its name from the resemblance between its big sideburns and a cut of meat. You should know this isn’t the kind of beard style that will materialise in a week, and the route to styling mutton chops look starts with growing out a full beard.

Although the speed that your facial hair will grow is unique to you, it’s worth knowing the average rate of growth for hair is around half an inch a month. Getting the thick and full beard that’s required is a case of letting it grow out before any styling or trimming. We suggest you allow a month or more of growing it out to make sure you have the long beard needed.

Having a full beard is a must here as it’ll let you trim symmetrically. Want to know how to grow the perfect beard? Check out our guide on How to Grow and Trim a Beard.

Step 2: Creating the mutton chops

The mutton chops beard style requires both long sideburns and a long moustache as you’ll want the two to connect up before you begin to trim or shape this beard style. Once your sideburns and beard reach the point of full growth you desire, it’s time to shape your new beard style.

The mutton chops look stands out thanks to its unusual grooming style. Using your electric shaver, you should remove all hair from the chin and neck, leaving the mutton chops and moustache you’ve grown with pride. Edging around your long sideburns and moustache is a delicate art as you want to keep the full growth that this style requires.

For this job, check out the electric shavers that could help you achieve the perfect smooth clean shave. To style, you can try Braun MGK5280 All-in-one trimmer, a 9-in-1 trimmer that comes with 7 attachments and a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor. It is a rechargeable all-in-one wet and dry trimmer with unprecedented cutting performance. An ultimate face and hair trimmer for men's grooming, it has AutoSensing motor that adapts to any beard type for an effortless trimming experience. Its Lifetime Sharp Blades and 13 length settings for ultimate styling precision. It easily cuts through long or thick hair without pulling and tugging. You can create accurate lines and edges with the beard trimmer head and tackle particularly small areas with the detail trimmer head. It is an ultimate all-in-one styling kit, that helps you achieve 9 jobs with 1 device.

Step 3: Trimming the mutton chops

To get the mutton chops beard look, you need to ensure you have full symmetrical growth on your beard sideburns. Once you’ve shaped a mutton chops beard style, the next grooming step is maintaining sideburn symmetry using trimming tools. Try Braun MGK7221 All-in-one trimmer, which is a 10-in-1 trimmer and comes with 8 attachments. A face and hair trimmer for men's grooming needs, it come with Lifetime Sharp Blades & 13 length settings for ultimate styling precision. You can create accurate lines & edges with the beard trimmer head and tackle the particularly small areas with the detail trimmer head, a great feature when styling intricate looks like the mutton chops beard style. Using a fixed-length comb, such as the comb included with the Braun All in One Trimmer, even out the growth of your mutton chop sideburns. At the highest point, you want your beard’s sideburns to reach, define the edges on your cheek, and tidy your neck. If you want to style this beard look you should find the ideal trimmers to achieve the precise shape of mutton chops beard style with Braun’s precision shaving technology. Read more about how to get perfect sideburns here.

Step 4: Maintaining the chops

With all beard styles, we suggest combing your beard and using beard oil daily to minimize irritation. Exfoliating regularly and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated are also great tips for healthy beard growth. For more tips on this read the guide on how to take care of your beard.

Alongside daily beard care, we suggest you’ll want to trim your chin and neck every day. The mutton chop beard style is defined by the sharp lines between these areas and your classic beard style. When you shower, use a beard shampoo as this longer beard style in particular will look at its groomed best when your hair is at its healthiest.

Tips and tricks to remember when maintaining mutton chops beard

  1. Allow your facial hair enough time to grow. Try giving it at least a month to achieve full and complete growth.

  2. It’s a good idea to let all of your facial hair grow together. By letting it grow at exactly the same time, you get a more uniform growth and look. This also helps lower the risk of uneven or accidental trimming, which might happen when you’re shaving your beard.

  3. Before shaving, consider the shape of your face first and then choose the shaving option that will suit your facial shape.

  4. Avoid trimming or shaving unless it gets its full growth. This will always be the most crucial tip when planning to grow mutton chops successfully.

5 Mutton chops beard styles to try

Neat Mutton Chops

Ideal for those who prefer a subtle and modern take on the classic facial hair, neat mutton chops beard style can be created by keeping the sides of the beard quite thin, and not letting it get too bushy. You need to practice regular maintenance with this look as it requires quite a bit of grooming to keep it looking this good!

Bushy Mutton Chops

Calling out all the rebels in the house! This is the perfect variant of a mutton chops style for you. To get this look, you need to restrict regular grooming to the chin and upper part of the mustache after you’ve initially started growing out your beard. Allow the facial hair to grow for over a month, and then cut it to the right shape.

Wolverine Mutton Chops

When you think mutton chops beard, the Wolverine has got to cross your mind. Popular for his bountiful facial hair, this style exudes charisma. Keep the hair along your cheeks a little dense, and gradually shorten it as you reach the moustache and chin. This width should hit just at the center of the cheek and should be removed from under the mouth. The two sides of these sideburns join at the bottom of the chin, creating a pointed edge without looking over the top. To create- and style the Wolverine Mutton Chops, use the Braun Series XT5200 that has a 4D blade technology - one blade with 4 cutting elements, consisting of 2 side trimmers and 2 central shaving zones—making 450 movements per second. This trimmer helps you shaves close enough to look great, while staying gentle on skin. This is an all-in-one electric razor and beard trimmer for men and it offers effortless precision for different styles.

Mutton Chops with Quiff

A quaff is a part of hair brushed upwards and backwards from the forehead. A quiff is known to compliment a beard very well. It’s fashionable combination that is easy to replicate. For this style, the mustache remains light, with a short and neat line across the jaw and hair removed from the chin area. Pair this with a quiff hairstyle and you will get a look that’s well-balanced, trendy and suave.

Stubble Mutton Chops

If you want to not go too overboard with the mutton chops beard, growing subtle facial hair will work for you. The stubble mutton chop style is perfect for someone who wants to have a little five o’clock shadow. To get this look, maintain the length of your hair short against your skin, and keep it lean and tidy along the edges. Make sure you trim and buzz it down every few days to prevent it from becoming scruffy.


A mutton chop beard is a great way to experiment and have fun with your beard looks. With the many variants within this style, you can choose one that suits your preferences and features. And Braun’s superior products makes growing and maintaining a beard a fun and rewarding journey.


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