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Sideburns have never really gone out of fashion

Men who grow thick facial hair can really emphasise their facial features with some mutton chops. They certainly are a bold and striking decision and they can help to slim down the appearance of a round face shape. Current trends show that musicians and rockabilly fans usually opt for mutton chops. However, picking the right style is up to you.

How to get perfectly styled sideburns -
Step by step guide

Chin strap


Trim your sideburns to their desired length with a beard trimmer. Sideburns normally stop around your mid-ear level.


Comb your sideburn hair down.

Trim again

Set the trimmer head to your desired length. To avoid any surprises or accidents trim your sideburn hair gradually to the length that feels best for you.

Tidy up

Remove the trimmer head and tidy up the hairs behind your ears: fold your ear down with one hand and remover any hairs. Ready to go!

Achieving the correct length:

Imagine a line from the centre point of your ear, this where your sideburns should end. If you have a full head of hair and wear it long then you can pull off somewhat longer sideburns, they should be about level with your earlobes. If you are bald then sideburns will suit you too, just take care that they don’t get too long and don’t dominate your face.

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