Modern Beard Styles for men according to their face shapes

Facial hair style for face shapes

Show off your individuality with a well-groomed beard according to your face shape

The bearded look is definitely back so maybe it’s time you got in on the action! Read on and learn how to get on top of this trend and do it in a way that suits you. A good-looking beard is harder to achieve than you may think. This brief guide will show you how to find a style that reveals who you really are and how to take care of it. Don’t forget: the more groomed a beard is, the better it looks.

Know the right beard styles for each of the eight facial shapes

The shape of your face is the biggest factor in determining the right beard style for you. Dudes fall into eight basic face shapes as listed below. We recommend some specific styles for each of the eight facial shapes. So figure out your shape, choose a style that works with that shape, and get started with grooming your whiskers into something that looks and feels like it belongs on your mug.

Beard styles for oval face

1. Beard Style for Oval Face

Congratulations, homies. This is the best face shape to have, because it can literally host ANY beard style. Take your pick. Change it up often. Gloat at dudes with other shaped faces. Try something strange like “Imperial”, “Hulihee”, or “Old Dutch”. You lucky SOB. Read about how to style stubble beard here.

Beard styles for oblong face

2. Facial Hair Style for Oblong Face Shape

Stretched at the forehead and at the chin, this facial structure likes beards which fill in at the sideburns, cheeks, and 'stache without chin hair. Styles like “Mutton Chops”, “A La Souvarov”, “Dali”, or even “Friendly Mutton Chops” work to balance your oblong-ness into an attractive attraction. Read about how to grow and trim a short beard here.

Beard styles for rectangle face

3. Beard styles for rectangle face shape

Rounding out the right angles is crucial to soften rectangularity. We highly recommend the “Chin Curtain”, “Short Boxed beard”, “Ducktail”, or “The French Fork” for dudes cursed with right angles. Read more about how to get chin strap beard.

Beard styles for round face

4. Beard Shape for Round Face

Circular faces need angularity, so you don’t look obese. Focus your facial frontier on your chin, with styles like “Chin Puff”, “Van Dyke”, “Balbao”, “Sparrow”, “Goatee”, “The Zappa”, or “Soul Patch”. All of these styles will square up your roundness.

Beard styles for square face

5. Facial Hair Style for Square Face Shape

You’ve been called this before. Time to lose your right angles. Soften yourself up so you become more approachable. Try Petit Goatee, “Anchor”, or even the “Hollywoodian”. Focus growth on the chin, with or without a 'stache and sideburns. Avoid full beards. They will simply square your squareness. Know here on how to goatee.

Beard styles for diamond face

6. Beard Shape for Diamond Face Shape

Strap on a chin strap if you’ve got this shaped face. Anything from “Rap Industry Standard” to “Chin Curtain” to “Anchor” will work, as will extended 'stache styles like “Fu Manchu” & “The Winnfield.” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Strap on one of these beard styles and you’ll be even better than that!

Beard styles for triangle face

7. Facial Hairstyle for Triangle Face Shape

Grow some chin hair. A “Goatee”, “Anchor”, or even “Van Dyke” is perfect to grace your isosceles triangle. The “Hollywoodian” or “Old Dutch” would also work. For an 'unserious' presentation, highlight your triangularity with a “Petit Goatee”, but be prepared for stares and head-scratches.

Beard styles for inverted triangle face

8.Beard Styles for Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Avoid chin hair and focus your growth on your 'stache and sideburns. “Mutton Chops” (or “The Friendly Version”), a “Fu Manchu”, or even “Franz-Josef” would be a totally engaging look and a real head-turner. Conversely, inverted triangular-faced dudes can simply sport a “Soul Patch” and call attention to the inversion. Just make sure the soul patch is also triangulated for maximum attention-grabbing looks.

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