4 Face Hair Removal Machines for Women for Smooth Face

4 Face Hair Removal Machines for Women for Smooth Face

Whether you wish to remove your facial hair, or flaunt it is as, it’s always a personal choice. However, if you are someone looking for quick and effective methods to remove the fuzz, then you have arrived at the right place.

We have compiled a list of some of the best face hair removal machines that offer you the complete solution. Braun is surely leading the way when it comes to these devices. Everything from the intuitive design to durability and functionality of these machines is worth all the hype. Here is a deep dive into some of Braun’s best facial hair removal devices!

1. FaceSpa 851: The Mini Spa

How convenient would it be if you could fit the whole spa in your handbag? Impromptu weekend trips and last-minute work travel would be a breeze. This is just the experience Braun offers with FaceSpa 851. When looking for the complete spa solution, this is the face hair removal machine.

The compact design, only a little bigger than your average mascara, is easy to fit into the smallest of handbags. Its thin epilator head features 10 micro-openings that pull out even the finest hair of 0.02 mm. The best part? You get smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

The machine comes with three attachable brushes which are waterproof and offers six times better exfoliation than manual cleanse. What this means is that you can enjoy deep-pore facial exfoliation right in your shower.

To top it all, it also has a vitalising pad attachment which you can use to give yourself a soothing facial massage almost anywhere. It gently peels away dead skin and the vibrations help improve blood circulation.

2. Face 810: Facial Hair Removal at Its Best

The ultimate and best facial hair removal device would be one that is quick, compact and powerful, right? Well, we have found it for you in Braun’s Face 810. It offers the whole package, from exfoliation to hair removal right at your fingertips.

You can handle it like a mascara tube and get working. The machine features a slim epilator head that helps remove hair from your upper lips, chin and eyebrows with ease and precision. The 10 micro-openings swiftly capture even the finest hair, down to 0.02 mm, in other words a two-day old growth!

The Face 810 is fast. It performs 200 plucking motions per second, swiftly and gently taking the hair out from the roots. Once you are done removing your hair, you can hop in the shower and put on the face brush attachment. Not only is it 100% waterproof but also provides deep-pore exfoliation for hair-free, smooth skin.

Face 810: Facial Hair Removal at Its Best

3. FS1000 Hair Remover: Quick and Compact

What if we told you that you could fit your ideal face hair removal device in the palm of your hand? Well, this is exactly what Braun’s Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000 has to offer. This mini facial hair remover is powerful, precise and pretty!

When it comes to size, it is not much bigger than an average lipstick but that says nothing about its efficiency. It has an intelligent rotary design that contours against the dips and rises of the face, reaching areas like the cheeks, chin, upper lips, etc. with ease.

For all the times you need to reach the finest hair or don’t have excellent lighting, the smart light feature of this hair remover gets the job done. What enhances its safety and functionality is a protective foil which covers the rotary hair cutting system for a gentle touch, making it one of the best hair removal machines in the market.

FS1000 Hair Remover: Quick and Compact

4. IPL: The Complete Range

When we say that Braun IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines, like IPL Silk Expert Pro 5, are the ideal body and face hair removal machines for females, we mean it. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable going to a salon to get their hair removed. If you are someone who would like to get smooth skin from the comfort of your home, then this is the hair removal solution you have been looking for!

Braun’s IPL machines, like the IPL Silk Expert Pro 5, have been designed to offer permanent visible hair reduction. You can start by treating your hair once a week for 4-12 weeks. After that, you can touch up every month or two. This means you can enjoy the results almost throughout the bikini season!

It has been dermatologically tested to be skin-safe, so you do not have to worry about your skin’s health. The SensoAdapt skin sensor continuously adapts to your particular skin tone for the best results. However, it must be noted that IPLs offer the best results for people with light skin tone and dark hair.

Whether you are looking to remove your face or the bikini area, underarms or leg hair at home, there is a dedicated precision cap for each, making it a complete full-body hair removal solution. Check out Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5137 here.

To help you understand each of these products better, we have displayed their features in a tabular format below.


What to do before and after the hair removal?

We have compiled a list of all the small things that make a great difference when thinking of facial hair removal. Remember to keep these steps in mind to take a good care of your skin post the session.

• Cleanse your face

It is important to have a clean, oil and dirt-free face before you begin removing hair. This is true for every kind of hair removal method.

Exfoliate thoroughly

Exfoliation is a great way to ensure that your pores are free from residual dirt and oil that can be left behind even after you clean your face. You can use the brush extension on your FaceSpa 851 or Face810 and let it gently clean away all the impurities. Using automated machines like the ones mentioned above, offers up to 6 times better exfoliation than by hand. Exfoliating before you go for the hair removal process, clears the pores and ensures lesser chances of developing ingrown hair.

Avoid touching

It is important to avoid touching your face as much as possible, both before and after the hair removal process. The lesser the interference, the better the results.


Once you have successfully removed the hair, you need to give your skin the right moisturisation. It helps to calm the skin and provides the moisture it has lost.

Apply Ice

If you have a sensitive skin, you might need a little extra help when calming it down. Putting clean ice on your face is a great way. However, consult your doctor before you attempt doing it.

Protect Against the Sun

Avoiding the sun for at least a few hours after you have removed facial hair is always a good idea. Give your skin a moment to calm down before you expose it to the harsh sun and don’t step out without applying any sunscreen lotion.


Getting rid of facial hair is more convenient than ever before! You can do it practically anywhere, from the comfort of your home to even while you’re on a vacation. It is quick, convenient and offers lasting results. All that you need to know is which face hair removal machine you want!


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