How to Use an Epilator on Face?

How to Use an Epilator on Face?

Facial hair is normal, and everyone has it. However, you don’t need to shy away from exploring facial hair removal options. And epilation is one of the most effective techniques that offers long-lasting results. So, whether you’ve already tried your hands on different hair removal methods or just started exploring your options, you’ve got to give this one a try! Read below to know more about epilation and how to use an epilator on your face.

Epilation vs Waxing for Facial Hair removal

A face epilator is an electronic device that pulls out hair from the root with minimal pain. So, epilation helps remove even the finest and shortest of facial hair, which may not be possible through waxing. Moreover, face epilators are easy to handle, making them a convenient DIY option. It is less messy and painful while facial waxing can be a messy affair when done at home all by yourself. Not to forget the pain that comes along with it!

Unlike waxing, you can also epilate your face in showers using waterproof epilators. Since wax sticks to the outer layer of skin, it offers minimal exfoliation with hair removal. On the contrary, face epilators like Braun Face 810 and Braun FaceSpa 851 pluck hair from the root, and also come with a facial brush to deeply and gently clean your skin six times better than manually. The slim head of FaceSpa 851 offers ultimate precision to remove even finest hair down to 0.02 mm, thanks to its 10 micro-openings. These epilators are more thorough than waxing and provide you with a smoothness of up to four weeks

Tips for Face Epilation

Prepping your skin before epilating is the first step in the process. To help you get the epilating done smoothly, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Exfoliate! Use a luffa, exfoliation scrub, mitt or a dry towel and exfoliate before you epilate. It helps prevent ingrown hair and makes the process easy.

  • Face oils and lotions are a big no-no! Don't apply any moisturiser, cream, lotion, or oil on your face before epilating. Keep your skin clean and dry.

  • It is best to epilate a night before going out. This allows the irritation to reduce within 24 hours so that any minor bumps will disappear by the next morning.

  • Newbies may experience some irritation initially. So, don't forget to apply a soothing gel or cream after the process to reduce the irritation.

  • Always clean your device after every use to avoid any infections. Removing the lingering hair also ensure you achieve efficient results after the next use.

Check out details about Braun face epilator, world’s first facial epilator & cleansing brush system.

How to Use Epilator on Face?

  • The key is to choose an epilator that is meant for facial epilating, as not all epilators are designed for the face. So, it is best to use the one designed specifically for the face or for all areas.

  • Make sure to read the instructions carefully. Don't forget to do a patch test before you epilate.

  • If you choose to use water for epilating, make sure you use a waterproof epilator, like the Braun Face Epilator – FaceSpa 851. Its compact design makes handling it comfortable with absolute control and precision. Moreover, it is gentle on even sensitive skin.

  • Hold the epilator perpendicular to your face, as it should feel natural. You can pull the skin tight while epilating for easy gliding of the device. Moreover, tight skin makes it easier for the face epilator to pull out the hair, minimising the chances of hair breakage.

  • Take it slow! Don't glide the device too fast as it might lead to ingrown hair. Move against the direction of the growth of your hair.

  • Stay cool and calm while epilating. Unlike other traditional hair removal techniques, epilation removes hair with minimal discomfort. So be worry-free and go for it!

How to Epilate Upper Lip and Chin for Women?

To epilate your upper lip and chin, start by slowly moving the device smoothly across the upper lip. Once you're done with the upper lip, move on to the chin. Hold the skintight and glide the device in the direction opposite to your hair growth for best results.

How to Epilate Your Eyebrows?

To epilate your eyebrows, move the face epilator in the upwards movement. If your epilator is technologically advanced, its automatic rotation makes the process easier. You can switch your hand or rotation for smooth adjustments. Remove the extra eyebrow hair against the direction of the growth.

How to Epilate Your Forehead and Peach Fuzz?

Before epilating your peach fuzz, trim the hair so that it won't hurt to remove the longer hair. Now to epilate the forehead and peach fuzz, follow the same procedure, as you did for eyebrows, upper lip and chin. Remember, the key to smooth facial skin is to hold the skin taut while moving the device on your face.

How Often Should You Epilate Your Face?

If you've just started, you can epilate once a week and then eventually switch to once in three weeks. Epilating once a week initially will help reduce the discomfort while making your hair finer over time. You can epilate your face as often as required to see the effects of using an epilator on face. But if you experience extreme redness or sensitivity, it is best to reduce the frequency. Always do a patch test before using the device for first time.

Why Choose Braun's Face Epilator for Women?

The slim head of Braun Face Epilator 851 comes with ten micro-openings for ultimate precision and control that help remove even the finest hair from the root. Thus, providing hair-free skin for up to four weeks. And if you're wondering how to use Braun Face Epilator, worry not – it is super easy to use and handle, thanks to its sleek and compact design.

Moreover, it comes along with additional attachments like the sonic facial brush that cleanses your skin pores deeply by exfoliating and refines your skin. In a nutshell, with the Braun FaceSpa 851 epilator, you can treat your face to a flawless radiance.


So, burst the bubble of your face epilation misconceptions and don't shy away from getting that peach fuzz off or upper lip done. Bid your parlour sessions adieu and start epilating your face right from the comfort of your home as per your convenience.


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