How to get the perfect bikini line – without waxing

How to get the perfect bikini line – without waxing

Clean, precise hair removal without waxing

Had enough experimenting with sticky wax strips? The Braun bikini styler, or Braun Silk-épil with a shaver attachment are all great solutions to try to have the perfect bikini line at the beach.

How to use: Braun 3-in-1 Trimmer

How to use: Braun 3-in-1 Trimmer

Benefits of Epilating Pubic Hair

1. Delivers Smooth Skin That Lasts for Days

One of the key benefits of using an epilator for a bikini area is silky, smooth skin. One that lasts longer for up to 4 weeks. This is possible due to its ability to remove hair from its roots.

2. Removes Short Hair

Unlike other bikini area hair removal methods, epilators have the power to lift the shortest (0.5mm) length of hair.

3. Hair Grows Back Slowly

Using an epilator for bikini area hair removal for a long time may result in thin, sparse hair growth over the time.

4. Long-lasting results

Since epilators have the ability to remove the smallest (0.5mm) length of hair and they also lift the hair from its roots, it gives a longer window for your hair to regrowth. It results in up to 4 weeks of the smooth, hair-free bikini area.

5. Convenient to Use

You can save your salon trips for other reasons than waxing as epilators make your life easy. Be it a last-minute plan or your monthly clean up, you can use epilators for the bikini area at home.

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of using an epilator on the bikini area, let’s talk about some quick tips and tricks to remove the hair down there.

Tips for Epilating The Bikini Line:

1. The skin around the bikini area is particularly delicate and sensitive and will need some preparation before you begin epilating.

2. Taking a warm bath or shower before you epilate will open up your pores and make hair removal much easier when using the Braun Silk-épil epilator.

3. If you epilate your bikini line regularly, the hairs will grow back more fine and they become even easier to remove.

4. Hairs around your bikini area need to be mid-length; not too long and not too short, between 2-5mm is ideal for epilation.

5. Hold your skintight with one hand around the area you wish to epilate.

6. Begin by epilating in direction of hair growth and move the epilator very slowly.

Braun Silk-épil
tips & tricks for epilating

Tips for epilating bikini line

How to Choose The Right Epilator For Bikini Area

While selecting an epilator for bikini line hair removal, the goal is to get a clean, precise and seamless experience. All of which is offered by the Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex. It has a SensoSmart technology that helps you put the right amount of pressure on the sensitive area while removing the hair. It is also designed with a 40% wider head which provides faster epilation in one stroke! This device removes 4x shorter hair than wax and can be used in the bath or shower. It’s pivoting head smoothly adapts to your body contour and provides a seamless hair removal process.


Bikini hair removal can be a little tricky at first. But once you get used to the idea of using an epilator, it's a smooth ride! In just a few strokes, you will be set to flaunt your bikini line, minus the worry of maintaining it for the next 3-4 weeks.


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