6 Best Facial Hair Removal Methods for Women

6 Best Facial Hair Removal Methods for Women

Facial hair is natural for anyone, but if you wish to explore hair removal options, then you need not shy away from it. There are a few methods – traditional and advanced - that you can try for effective facial hair removal. Read on to find out more.

Traditional Methods for Facial Hair Removal for Women

Here are some traditional facial hair removal methods that one may be aware of:

1. Waxing

In this method, your hair is removed from its roots, in a rather painful manner and that's not a fun experience. Waxing may give you long-lasting results and can be quick, but there's no denying the excruciating pain that comes along. And if it's about waxing facial hair, you can imagine the level of pain your sensitive skin will have to go through. So, if you don’t mind the pain, then you can consider this option.

It works well for upper lips, peach fuzz, or stray eyebrow hair, and can be done at home (if you're an expert at it) or at a salon by a professional. However, you should consider choosing another facial hair removal method instead of waxing if you have concerns about having allergic reactions.

2. Threading

When it comes to shaping and styling your eyebrows, threading has been a popular choice among women. Many women find this method to be convenient and precise for eyebrow, forehead, upper lip or chin hair removal. However, this method too comes along with some pain, as a short row of hair is plucked out from its follicles. Thus, giving you long-lasting results like waxing. A major drawback of this method is that you have to book a salon appointment unless you're a pro and can thread your eyebrows. So, it does take away some of your precious time.

3. Tweezing

Similar to waxing and threading, tweezing pulls out hair from follicles too. However, one significant difference between threading and tweezing is that you can pluck one hair at a time with tweezers, unlike threading where short rows of hair are removed. Moreover, you cannot tweeze out short hair and your hair needs to be long enough to fit the grip of tweezers to be pulled. It can be as discomforting as threading.

Modern Methods of Facial Hair Removal at Home

As technology has made its way ahead, so have the facial hair removal methods with electric trimmers and epilators that provide a more convenient solution for facial hair removal at home. Here are some methods which can be the best way to remove facial hair:

1. Electric Trimmers

An electric trimmer like Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000 can be your friend, thanks to its compact and portable size that makes it an on-the-go trimmer. It is less painful as compared to waxing and other traditional methods and cuts hair efficiently close to the skin, providing a seamless base for makeup application. So now consistent and evenly textured makeup placement is very much possible with this Braun facial hair remover.  

Moreover, its subtle design makes it convenient to use even on challenging areas like upper lips, chin and cheeks with ease. Its rotary design is kind and safe on your skin - thanks to its protective foil - and contours your skin perfectly, giving you quick and effective results with silky smooth skin. To top it off like the cherry on the cake, it comes with a smart light feature that spots and isolates even the finest of hair so that you leave no hair behind in achieving clean and hair-free skin.

2. Epilators

Facial epilation is another best at-home facial hair removal method, considering it offers long-lasting results like waxing but is less painful than it. An epilator is a handheld electric device that consists of micro-tweezers to pull out hair from the roots. The process might sting a little but can be managed with some before-epilation remedies and aftercare. Also, the intensity of pain recedes over time with continuous use of epilators. Get more information on how to remove facial hair with epilator.

An important thing to note here is that not all epilators are the same and hence it isn't recommended to use body epilators to remove facial hair. There are special epilators for facial hair removal, like the Braun FaceSpa 851 3-in-1 epilator that comes with a facial epilating, cleansing, and vitalizing system with five extra attachments. So, you can now treat your face to flawless radiance with this all-in-one FaceSpa epilator. Its super sleek and compact design makes it easy to handle for absolute control and precision, just like a mascara stick. What makes it the best way to remove upper lip hair, chin hair, or peach fuzz is that it removes hair from the root and offers long-lasting results of hair-free skin for up to four weeks. 

It is designed with an extra slim head with ten micro-openings that capture even the finest hair up to 0.2 mm gently and helps you in achieving a clean and well-groomed look. Moreover, just as the name suggests, it’s a complete package of a facial spa right at your home, as it comes with a sonic brush for cleansing and exfoliating your skin. It cleanses your skin of deep pores six times better than your hand by removing makeup and impurities while gently restoring your skin's glow. Thanks to its hundreds of micro-oscillations, it refines and exfoliates your skin effectively. Furthermore, it is 100% waterproof which means you can exfoliate and epilate even in the showers.

Skincare Routine Tips for Before and After Hair Removal

Getting hair-free skin isn't just the goal here but maintaining its smoothness and reducing irritation matters too. Here are some tips that can help you care for your skin before and after facial hair removal:

1. Cleanse beforehand

Clean your face with a good-quality makeup remover or cleansing lotion or foam to remove any impurities and makeup. Soak a cotton pad with the cleansing liquid and wipe your face to prep the skin. 

2. Moisturise after hair removal

Waxing, tweezing, or epilating your face can cause some redness or irritation. To reduce the after-effects of hair removal, don't forget to moisturise your face with aloe vera gel or aloe vera based moisturiser. 

3. Exfoliate your skin before and after hair removal

Exfoliation is the key to reducing pain or avoiding ingrown hair. So, make sure you exfoliate your skin a couple of days before epilation and after a few days of epilation. You can use the sonic facial brush that comes with Braun FaceSpa 851 to exfoliate and refine your skin.


So, choose a method wisely – a method that not only helps you get rid of your facial hair but also provides long-lasting results, can be done comfortably anytime, anywhere and is less painful.


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