Patchy Beard: Causes & How to Fix it

What are the reasons behind a patchy beard?

Without a doubt, a full-grown beard makes a man look suave, stylish, and dreamy! It adds an eclectic charm to their personality. However, some end up having a patchy beard growth. This holds true especially if you are fully growing your beard for the first time.

Patchy facial hair can make or break your look which can be a little frustrating. But worry not, there’s a solution to fix your patchy beard. You simply need to trick the eye and opt for patchy beard styles, so you can look your best even while it’s in the growing stage. Keep on reading to know more!

What Are the Reasons for Patchy Beard?

Ever wondered why you have a patchy beard and why is your brother or a male friend blessed with such lush? Well, here are a few reasons for your patchy beard growth:

1. Hormones

Hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone play a vital role in your hair growth. These two hormones can boost the speed at which your hair grows. At the same time, they decide the thickness of your facial hair. If the level of any of these two hormones dips down, it would result in a patchy beard or even baldness on your head.

2. Genetics

Genetics can be responsible for your patchy facial hair. However, it’s not necessarily for you to imbibe all the genes from your father. Genetics are complex and sometimes if you are lucky you might skip on patchy facial hair growth that has been in your family for generations.

3. Lack of nutrition

An imbalanced diet can also leave you with a long patchy beard. There are a few essential vitamins and nutrients that assist in the growth and thickness of your facial hair. If this nutrition quotient isn’t fulfilled, your body stunts the growth of your facial hair, leaving you with a patchy beard.

How To Fix Patchy Beard?

The moustache with stubble

1. Let It Grow

Avoid shaving and trimming for a while. The easiest solution to fix a patchy beard is to let it grow. You need to give it a month or two to grow out completely. If you are growing out your beard for the first time, it might look a little patchy. But hold on tight, once it grows out, the strands would intertwine and fill up your patchy spaces.

A beard brush may encourage growth

2. Brush It Out

Brushing your beard is another great way to encourage facial hair growth, whilst improving the appearance of a patchy beard as it grows. A daily brushing routine using your beard brush helps to release natural oils from the skin into the facial hair. It also helps to exfoliate, clearing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

Suffering from an itchy beard? The humble beard brush can also reduce itchy, inflamed skin under your beard through the same method of exfoliation, leaving your skin with plenty of space to breathe and grow new cells.

Read more about how to take care of your beard.

How to grow facial hair faster

3. Trim It

Once you are happy with the length of your facial hair, it's time to tidy things up. The goal is to trim your beard in such a way that it accentuates the best features of your face. This would help in drawing attention away from the patchy spots. To get a sharp and clean-cut, use the Braun MGK7331 All-in-one trimmer. Its wider head cuts more hair in every stroke and give you a sharper and faster grooming experience. It also helps you achieve any beard length from 0.5 - 21 mm. Its AutoSensing technology adjusts the power of the trimmer to its thickness to provide a seamless grooming experience. Lastly, this trimmer is washable and waterproof and can be used in the shower.

How to grow facial hair faster

Studies suggest that consuming certain vitamins and nutrients can help your hair to grow faster, stronger and healthier. This includes Vitamin A, which promotes cell growth in your body but especially in hair – which is the fastest growing tissue in the human body.

You can find Vitamin A in a range of foods and supplements, such as milk, eggs, yoghurt and cod liver oil. If you’re following a vegan diet, consider consuming more kale, sweet potato, carrots and pumpkin – these vegetables all contain beta-carotene, which the body turns into Vitamin A.

Vitamin A also helps your body to produce sebum, a natural, oily substance that helps to keep your skin and hair follicles healthy.

There are more ways to encourage and fix patchy facial hair growth, including:

  • Maintain a varied diet, with plenty of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

  • B Vitamins and Vitamin E & C are also linked to hair growth

  • Beard shampoos and conditioner can also contribute to strong, healthy facial hair

Natural Ways to Grow Thicker Beard

Growing a thicker beard might appear effortless to some, however this may simply be a result of darker facial hair or thicker hair follicles, which can create the appearance of fuller facial hair.

It’s not all in the genes, though. There are plenty of natural ways to encourage thicker beard growth, regardless of genetics. A healthy diet that is rich in nutrients can help to thicken out a patchy beard, while your daily routine can also have an impact if you take note of these steps:

  • Take regular exercise to encourage blood flow and hair growth.

  • Regularly exfoliate and clean the skin on the face, to encourage blood circulation and clear off dead skin cells.

  • Get enough rest and take steps to reduce stress levels, which can impact hair growth.

Beard Styles for Patchy Beard

A great solution for a patchy beard is to opt for a beard style that draws attention away from the thinning spots. Here are the top three beard styles that can be your cheat code for a patchy beard.

Chin Strap Beard

If you have a patchy beard growth on your cheeks, then a chin strap is your best option. You simply need to maintain a thin strip of hair around your jawline which ends up to your sideburns. The Chin Strap is defined, sharp and unique – with no moustache, it can emphasise your facial features, especially for those with a strong jawline or an oval-shaped face.

To get this look, use the Braun BT5260 Beard Trimmer. It has 39 length settings in 0.5 mm step sizes that offer a precise cut as per your desired length. It also has AutoSensing technology that adjusts the power of the trimmer for an effortless trimming experience. At the same time, the trimmer head helps in creating accurate lines & edges which comes in handy while re-creating a chin strap beard.

Beard styling-Chinstrap

The Goatee

Can’t decide between growing a beard or moustache? The Goatee is the perfect middle-ground between the two, helping towards a sharply defined, professional look. If your patchy beard tends to grow thicker on your chin and moustache areas, the Goatee is perfect for you.

Try to grow your beard to at least 10mm before trimming to the Goatee style, to provide enough hair to properly contrast the rest of your face. Use the Braun Series XT5 Electric Razor & Beard Trimmer which has 4D-blade technology. It has an anti-slip, rubberized handle that gives you complete control to achieve a precise cut. The pivoting Flex head of this trimmer adapts to your facial contours and gives a seamless grooming experience.

Beard styling-Goatee

The 5 o'clock Shadow

If you are looking for an easy way to fix your patchy facial hair, then this beard style should be on your list. It helps in tricking the eye away from the bald spots. We recommend growing your facial hair for at least 24 – 48 hours to give you more to work with. Shave off any neck hair for a sharp contrast, before trimming down and blending out to achieve that sexy smoulder look. Use the Braun MGK7221 All-in-one trimmer which comes with short combs that help in maintaining (0.5-10mm) short beard styles like the 5 o’clock shadow. It also has a detail trimmer head for creating perfect lines and edges. It’s waterproof which makes it easy to use in shower.

Beard styling-Stubble


Remember that everyone’s beard growth varies. So, don’t be disheartened by your patchy beard growth. Rather keep on experimenting and try different beard styles. Soon, you will find a beard style that camouflages your patchy beard and lets your charming personality shine! Lastly, even if your beard has spots or patches, don’t forget to maintain it. A little trimming and shaping can go a long way!

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