How To Trim Armpit Hair For Men Without Shaving?

How To Trim Armpit Hair For Men Without Shaving?

Underarm hair removal for men requires the same care and grooming you give to other parts of your body. From washing, cleaning to shaving, there are proper ways to take care of your armpit and armpit hair. In this article, we’ll be discussing about why instead of shaving armpits you can opt for trimming your armpit hair. We will also do a deep dive into the correct trimming techniques and learn about the proper way to care for your underarms once you are done removing the hair.

Shaving or trimming armpit hair – what should you choose?

The first question you need to ask before you embark on this journey is whether you need to trim or shave your armpit hair. When it comes to choosing between shaving armpits and trimming armpit hair, it is recommended that you opt for the trimming route.

While shaving armpits is a good option if you are going for the clean swimmer look, trimming might prove to be a better choice since the upkeep is much easier. You might have to shave every few days, depending on your growth cycle to maintain a smooth finish whereas with trimming, you can return to it once a week to retain the appropriate length. Thus, using the right underarm trimmers can make the entire trimming process much easier than shaving.

Another benefit of using underarm trimmers with contoured heads, like Braun’s MGK7221 All-in-One Trimmer, is that you can trim hard-to-reach places with ease. It trims around all the contoured parts with relative ease when compared to shavers.

Using underarm trimmers to get rid of excessive hair also means that you are keeping the sensitive underarm skin safe from sharp razors. The uneven surface of the underarms can prove to be a tricky area to shave and lead to possible razor burns, nicks and cuts.

Trimming offers all the benefits of shaving armpits, minus any negatives. When trimming, you get rid of most of the underarm hair. The lesser the hair, the lower is the sweat retention and lesser are the sweat patches.

How to remove underarm hair without shaving?

Now that we have taken care of the whys, let’s move onto the how. Following is a step-by-step guide of how to trim your armpit hair in the best way.

• Exfoliate

The first step is always to make sure that your armpits are free from any dirt, oil or moisturisers. This is where exfoliation comes in. Not only does it rid your underarms from dirt and oil but also gets rid of dead skin.

Decide the Length

The next step is to decide what length you are going for. Do you want to trim your hair right down to the base or would you want your hair patch to still be prominent when you raise your arms? Or are you simply trimming your hair so that the fuzz is not visible from the sides when your arms are down?

Depending on which size you choose, you can adjust the head guard size for your electric trimmer and get clipping.

Ensure Proper View

Before trimming armpit hair, make sure that your underarms are getting enough light for them to be clearly visible. Stand in front of a mirror and raise your arms at the right angle to see the section you are going to target.

The Right Machine

Since the contours in your underarm area are more pronounced than say your arms or legs, it is important to work with the right machine. You must always ensure that the blades are sharp, and the trimmer head is gentle to the skin. The right underarm trimmer can reach all the nooks and crannies without too much wrist twisting on your end.

Braun’s MGK7221 10-in-one Trimmer offers all this with its contoured head and sharp blades which come with a lifetime promise of sharpness. Since it has a protective comb on top, you always get a gentle contact on your underarm skin. Additionally, its wet and dry technology allows you to take in the shower with you, making it an excellent choice.

Short Strokes

When you need to trim armpits, easy does it. Use short, sharp strokes to get rid of excess hair. Since the armpit hair grows in different directions, you might have to move around the trimmer from top to bottom, side to side or diagonally to target all hair.


Once you are done with the shave, you can either wash or brush away the excessive hair to ensure that you have achieved the desired look.


Once you are done trimming and washing, it is time to moisturise. Since the underarm skin is sensitive, make sure you use a light moisturiser to keep the skin healthy.


Once you have trimmed your hair from scratch, touching up on it should take much less effort and time. Also, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Since men’s body hair grow faster than women, you might have to trim a little more often. On average, trimming once every two weeks should suffice.

Why Choose Braun Products?

Electric trimmers are some of the most beloved additions to the men’s grooming sphere. The best part about trimmers is if you choose the right trimmer, it is a one-time investment for your entire body.

With something like Braun’s MGK7331 All-in-one Trimmer or MGK5280 All-in-one Trimmer, you can trim hair on every part of your body, from the face to groin, underarms to legs with a single device.

The all-in-one range of trimmers by Braun feature flexible heads designed to reach every nook and cranny. The trimmers promise a lifetime of sharp blades and the SkinGuard attachments protect the skin against these blades, offering smoother trimming experience.

The AutoSensing motor available in MGK7331 All-in-one Trimmer is designed to adapt to the hair, offering an even trim. These electric trimmers are 100% waterproof, allowing you to make trimming a part of your shower routine.

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Knowing the right technique and having the right tools is all you need to have well-groomed underarms. Learning how to trim armpit hair is a great place to start your self-grooming journey. It does not take long to build a technique and fall into a healthy self-care routine if you know what steps to follow and what equipment to use. Now that you are familiar with the best of these, we hope you fall into routine that works for you.


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