Chest Hair Removal:
Steps & Tips on
Shaving Chest Hair

Chest Hair Removal: Steps & Tips on Shaving Chest Hair

Chest hair grooming is completely a personal choice. You don’t have to search for reasons to look and feel good. Whether you want to show off your muscular gym body or simply want to tidy things up, trimming or shaving chest hair is the ideal way to go about it. If you are shaving or trimming your chest hair for the first time, it can be a little tricky. So, to help you ace the game we’ve decoded the steps on how to shave or trim chest hair, along with some expert tips on shaving chest hair. So, let’s dive into it, shall we?

How to shave and trim chest hair

Step 1: Trimming chest hair

Did you reach out for your razor directly? Well, hold on! When it comes to shaving chest hair, the secret to achieving great results is to deal with the longer lengths of hair. Here, trimming your chest hair becomes an important step. It enables you to get rid of the uneven fuzz and gives you the perfect clean look all-over!

While trimming longer body hair, it is best to opt for a body hair trimmer with a comb length of 2 or 3mm. TheBraun MGK7221 All-in-one Trimmer is the best trimmer for body shaving. It is powered by adaptive motor which automatically adjusts the power of the trimmer and provides you an effortless trim. It has lifetime sharp blades and 13 length settings that best suit your body grooming needs. Its German design provides ultimate styling precision and a total of 100 minutes of trimming after only one hour of charging. Once you’ve got your hands on the right chest hair trimmers and attachment for the job, you can clean up any overgrowth without having to constantly pull hair out of the blades.

Step 2: Shower Before Shaving

Before removing the trimmer attachment and shaving body hair from your chest, be sure to take a warm shower or bath. This is a great tip for chest hair removal as it softens hair that can be wiry.

Warm water works to open up your hair follicles and clears away any build-up of dead skin or oils which can cause your razor blade or shaver to catch. After hopping out of the shower, run a comb through your chest hair to free up any knots you might spot.

Step 3: Shave Chest Hair

Once you’ve trimmed and showered, it’s time to lather up with your shaving gel of choice. This will hydrate your hair and let your shaver or trimmer glide over your skin and reduce the chance of annoying chest ingrown hairs. One more thing to check is that your blades aren’t dull – we recommend replacing Braun razor heads every 18 months. Our preferred method for shaving chest hair is to start on the outer hair and work your way inwards to be sure you don’t miss any spots. Try out the Braun XT5100 Electric Trimmer which is waterproof and has a 4D-Blade technology that gives you a close shave even in the shower. It also has a SkinGuard comb which protects your skin and delivers a gentle shaving experience. It is designed with stainless steel 4D-Blades which remain sharp for up to 6 months.

If your chest hair meets more growth on to your stomach, then you may find that you want to tidy up the lower hair too. Otherwise, you may end up with a noticeable dividing line between your chest and stomach hair.

If you’re inspired to try manscaping, be sure to check out the electric shavers that could help you achieve the perfect smooth clean shave from Braun.

Step 4. Rinse and dry

Step 4: Rinse and dry

Once you’ve got the shaved chest look that you like, all that remains is aftercare. The shower is your best friend here, to rinse away any stray remaining hairs. For more on avoiding irritation when using Braun shavers and trimmers read on for a few tips about how to prevent shaving rashes and post-shave skincare.

Tips for Shaving Chest Hair

Now that you’ve seen how to shave your chest hair, let’s learn some quick tricks and tips on shaving chest hair.

1. Prep your skin:

Exfoliating your skin can loosen up the roots of your chest hair. It ensures an easy hair removal process.

2. Pull your skin tight:

While shaving chest hair, make sure to pull your skin tight. This will help you get the closest shave possible.

3. Use light strokes:

As the chest area is a sensitive region, using short, gentle light strokes is a must.

4. Rinse your blades:

After a few strokes, rinse your blade. This will avoid any hair getting stuck.

5. Be careful of your nipple area:

Go slow and be very careful while shaving around your nipple area.

6. Moisturise:

Once you are done trimming and then shaving chest hair, it's important to moisturise the skin. Moisturising will soothe your skin and avoid any dry patches. After applying moisturiser, pat your chest dry with a towel to avoid causing any irritation.

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Chest hair grooming might look a little time consuming. But once you get a clean-shaven chest, your pecks start flexing automatically. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the given steps on how to trim and shave chest hair and flaunt your bare body like a star!


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