Manscaping Guide: How to Trim Your Body Hair


Men are embracing manscaping more than ever before. They are putting effort into maintaining their body hair and facial hair in a way which is hygienic, healthy and aesthetic. If you too want to advance on your manscaping process, you can do so with the following tips and tricks.

Today’s man invests his time and energy in body grooming, giving attention and effort to each part. Be it moisturising and exfoliating the skin, styling the beard or maintaining healthy body hair, it’s important to know the right process and the right tools to get the best results. If you too are embarking on your journey of male body grooming, this your guide.

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is the act of grooming one’s body to remove unwanted or superfluous hairs using a variety of different tools like razors, trimmers, and aftershave products.

Whilst the term ‘manscaping’ might sound very modern, male body grooming can be traced back to men shaving their hair using sharpened rocks during the Stone Age or the Ancient Egyptians who used ground pumice stones to remove hair.

Fast forward to the present day and most men are comfortable with shaving and trimming lots of body parts with ease thanks to the range of modern grooming tools available.


How to Groom Essential Body Parts?

Now, we move to the actual act of removing body hair. Whether you are looking at chest hair, leg hair or pubic hair, there is a way to remove, shape or style it and it all matters. For the men looking for a beach ready body or the ones who want to feel more confident in their gym clothes, paying attention to body hair goes a long way.

How to Shave Chest Hair?

Chest hair can be long and unruly or scant and short. No matter what type of hair you have, grooming can do wonders for your chest hair. When you use a device like Braun’s MGK7221 All-in-one Trimmer, you get the advantage of numerous tools in one. Let us have a look at how you can get the perfect chest hair using something like Braun MGK7221 Trimmer.

You can use the 3-10 mm comb to protect the skin and offer a finish that is longer than an average stubble. The next step is to start shaving against the direction of hair growth; start from the ends and travel towards the centre. Since the chest is much less contoured than the face, your MGK7221 All-in-one trimmer will glide smoothly. Just ensure that you go slow and steady for an even trim.

If you are trimming to follow it with a chest shave, you do not have to worry about getting the hair to an equal length. Lastly, when trimming around the nipples, you can use a smaller comb for better precision. After the trim, you can shower to clean away the cut hair.


How to Shave Arm & Leg Hair? 

When it comes to the arms and legs, there are many ways in which you can groom your hair. Men choose to shave off the entire tuft or sometimes shave below their elbows and knees and simply trim the rest. Alternatively, you can leave the thighs and upper arms as they are and trim from the elbow and knee down. Braun’s multi-grooming-kits like MGK5280 All-in-one trimmer and MGK7331 All-in-one trimmer are a great tool to have when embarking on your body grooming journey.

You can opt for Braun’s MGK7331 All-in-one trimmer and start trimming the hair on your arms and legs. Since the hair on the legs are a little coarse when compared to chest hair, hopping in a warm bath before trimming can really help. Once you have washed and dried your legs and arms, you can start the actual trimming process.

Manscaping the legs and arms goes faster since the skin is usually less sensitive, as compared to other parts like the face or groin. Here, you can work at considerable speed. When using a trimmer, try to trim against the direction of hair growth for the best results.

How to Shave Your Back Hair?

Reaching your back can be challenging for anyone and when you think of manscaping, you really need to be wary. A machine developed primarily for face and body grooming like Braun’s MGK5280 All-in-one Trimmer is something that really shines in such situations. What makes these your best bet is their ergonomic design.

These are designed to offer a tight grip, allowing you to handle them with ease, even when you cannot see your hand. Secondly, the combs on these trimmers are designed to offer a smooth contact between skin and machine. So, the risk of nicks, cuts and burns is almost non-existent.

When trimming your back, standing in front of a mirror can really help and the more flexible you are, the easier is the process. You can also ask a family member to help you shave your back hair with a Braun trimmer.

How To Shave Armpit Hair?

Shaving your armpits takes less time since you are covering a much smaller portion than your legs or chest. However, the dips and contours in your underarms really call for trimmers like Braun’s MGK7221 Al-in-one trimmer to get the right finish.                                                       

You can trim your armpits to get a light stubble or choose to have the hair a little longer, as long as they do not show when your arms aren’t raised. In order to shave, raise your arms and ensure you have proper lighting, shave against the growth and change directions whenever necessary. This is a great place to start if you are new on your male body grooming journey.                                                   

How to Shave Pubic Hair?

This is a sensitive area to trim and requires a precision tool dedicated to male pubic hair grooming. Braun’s MGK7331 offers the solution. The device offers different combs to tackle different lengths of hair so that you can trim the crotch and the balls separately. The device ensures a smooth finish and is gentle to the skin, helping you remove as much or as little hair you want removed. The head of the trimmer is also contoured to offer a comfortable trim even in challenging areas like the groin.                                             

When thinking of men’s body hair grooming, we suggest you trim your pubic hair rather than shaving them since shaved hair can cause a lot of irritation to the skin once they start growing back.                                                                 

How Different is Body Grooming to Face Grooming?

Many of us will be familiar with shaving our beards. But not all body parts are similar, right? – the technique you use to shave your face is different from shaving your groin or back. Plus, shaving or trimming body parts requires different sets of tools.


Shaving Tools

With so many shaving and trimming products in the market, choosing the right one for the task can be tricky. But if you’re manscaping, you want to be sure you’re using the best tool for the job as some areas like your back or groin might be hard to reach and take longer to prep and shave.

For example, shaving your groin with the same razor you use for your beard might not yield great results. Firstly, for hygiene reasons, you’d have to deep clean your shaving tool carefully each time. Secondly, your beard shaving tool, which is designed for your face, might not be as effective for intimate shaving. This can lead to an uneven shave or even cuts or irritation if you’re not careful.



When it comes to trimmers, body groomers are usually larger and come with more attachments to suit different body parts you want to trim. Because men’s body groomers are designed to be used on tricky areas to reach, they are fitted with attachments that protect your skin, at least the high-quality ones like Braun’s MGK5280 Trimmer are.

Beard trimmers are smaller in size and usually lighter, making it easier to shave your face comfortably. Face trimmers are ideal for those looking to trim their beard or moustache or shape it in different styles. The Braun Beard Trimmer BT5240 has 39 precision settings to suit any kind of beard at any length and let you experiment with new facial hairstyles.


All-in-One Devices

If you know you’ll be grooming your face and body, then why not arm yourself with a 360-degree tool that does it all? Devices, like Braun’s MGK7331 All-in-one trimmer are ideal for those looking for a head-to-toe finish.

The Braun All-In-One Trimmers let you style your beard, clip your hair, trim your ear and nose hair and groom your whole body effortlessly. With its advanced combs, AutoSense technology, extra sharp blades, and easy-to-wash components, this all-in-one tool certainly elevates your body grooming experience to the next level.

Now that you’re a manscaping pro, why not give it a go with Braun’s range of multi-grooming kits?



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