A flawless shave in one stroke


Braun Series 9 - Electric Razor for Men: The one stroke shave vision

Braun One Stroke Shave

Introducing the Series 9

Series 9

World’s most efficient shaver.¹
Exceptionally gentle.



Series 9 & 8 capture more hair in one stroke than any other shaver.¹



Close Up to 40,000 cutting actions cut every hair as close as 0.05 mm. For a flawless shave.


Gentle on skin.

10,000 vibrations let the shaver glide over your skin with ease. For a shave as gentle as possible.

What’s new

Pro Display

Pro Display²

Li-Ion battery

+20% battery. One change -one month of shaving²

32-Bit chip

32-Bit chip

Intelligently responds to your face

The Series 9 & 8 intelligently respond to your unique contours and beard density. A flawless shave in one stroke.

Responding to your unique face. Watch the video.
Sonic vibrations

Sonic vibrations forenhanced gliding.


Reads your beard and adjusts power consequently.

32-Bit chip

32-Bit chip

Pro Display.2

Pro display.²

One display with all information you need to keep your shaver brand new.

Precision Trimmer

Precision trimmer.

Series 9 & 8 have an integrated precision trimmer that takes care of the finishing touches.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design.

Series 9 & 8 are designed for your comfort, to fit in any man’s hand.

Braun Series 9 Shaver

Built to last.
Every day,
for up to 7 years.

Made in Germany

Made in


Wet & Dry³


100% Waterproof


5 min quick charge

Our products for a flawless shave.

Series 9 shaver

Series 9

Our Best Shaver.

World’s most efficient shaver.⁴ Exceptionally gentle.

Series 9 trimmer

2 specialized trimmer for best efficiency

5 shaving elements

Shaving elements

Cutting actions per minute

Cutting actions per minute

Flawless even on 3 day beards

Flawless even on 3 day beards

¹Tested on 3-day beards, vs. leading products in the premium tier. / Details: www.braun.com/study-results
²For selected models only.
³New S9 vs. previous S9, and S8 vs. S7.